Рециклиране на фарове

The main business of the company is connected with full restoration and recycle of headlights, halogen and tail lights. The perfect look of your car is completed with interior and exterior car detailing we offer. We use only the best products and technology.

From 2011 till date, we manage to improve our skills,to be totally adequate to the dynamically changing technological world. During the years we have proved our loyalty, flexibility and professionalism and we will continue doing it. It is a great honor for us!

During the continuous usage and the long work of halogen, xenon or LED bulbsin the inner side of the headlights a lot of soot, vapors,dust and toxic gases have been deposited. If treated with the proper chemicals,their transparency could be restored up to 99.6%.

The first stage of the process is dismantling of lights, halogens,taillights that can be yours or ours concern. Then the headlight is unsealed and disassembled in components.Since every model has its differences, every project is with different value and complexity. Every detail is carefully cleaned -reflectors, lenses, glass or plastic items. The outer plastic facet of the headlight is polished by eliminating the upper worn, sunburned and damaged layer. One of the main factors for proper lighting is the reflector whose coverage might also be burned through the years. There can be done entire restoration if necessary and the reflector gets new nickel plating. A magnifying glass is another key element that can be replaced or build in by adding an entirely new structure and wiring. Finally the geometric projection of horizontal curve and settings to beam headlights are set. Of course, for those who need to emphasize their individuality, we offer professional painting of the inner plastic details with high temperature baseand high temperature paint. After a detailed review, the headlight is assembled and sealed with special adhesive polyurethane or bitumen base. To ensure the integrity, strength, transparency and permeability of the headlight we recommend the usage of UV stabilized and completely transparent foil shield. Otherwise the effect will be only visual and short lasting.

The glass headlights are a special case. They don’t have any polish and the damages are more visible and deep. Though, it is possible to be removed a thin layer of the glass with the proper technology and materials. In this case an examination and inspection is needed. In case of older cars with ribbed glass on the headlights, they should be polished in the area of the magnifying glass to allow the bifocal lens to spread luminous flux without unnecessary distractions from the ribbed surface of the glass, which could modify the luminous flux.