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Repair and restoration of car lights

Restoration of car lights

During long-term use of the car's headlights, soot, grease fumes, dust and toxic gases from the operation of halogen, xenon or diode bulbs are deposited on the inside of the windows. After treatment with appropriate preparations, they again acquire permeability-transparency up to 99.6%.
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Repair of car lights

The first stage of the process is disassembly of the headlights, halogens, taillights, which can be done both by you and by us. The headlamp is depressurized and disassembled. The gluing of each model is a different technological process, according to which the complexity and value of the project are determined. Every detail is carefully cleaned - reflectors, magnifying glass, glass, plastic elements.
Another service of ours is: Auto Detailing

Restoration of car lights in Sofia

The outer plastic facet of the headlight is processed and polished, removing the upper worn, sunburned and pebbled layer. One of the main factors for the correct reflection of light is the reflector, whose coverage wears out over the years. If necessary, complete recycling is performed, using a specialized technology to remove the burnt layer and re-nickel plating. Magnifiers are another key element that can be replaced or built in with the addition of a completely new design and wiring. Then a geometric horizontal projection and curve adjustments to high beams are performed.

Of course, for those who need to emphasize their individuality, we also offer professional painting of the interior plastic elements with a high-temperature base and high-temperature paint. After a detailed inspection, the headlight is assembled and sealed with specialized adhesives based on polyurethane or bitumen. To ensure the integrity, strength, transparency and permeability of the headlamp, a UV-stabilized, transparent, protective film is recommended. Otherwise, simple external pasteurization would provide a short-lived visual effect.

Ремонт на фарове в София

Glass headlights are a special case. They lack any factory varnish and the ulcers from injuries are visible and deep. It is possible to remove a thin layer of glass with appropriate materials and technology only after a preliminary inspection. In older cars with ribbed glass on the inside, it is necessary to remove them in the diameter of the magnifiers so that the bifocal lens can scatter the luminous flux of the magnifiers without unnecessary scattering from the ribbed surface of the glass, which has the ability to modify the luminous flux.

We offer the full range of original Osram halogen and xenon bulbs.

We also have a wide range, xenon systems, led lighting, original and aftermarket built-in magnifiers.

We have a large number of recycled second-hand headlights. Parts for headlights - housings, windows, guides, repair kits, installations, xenon modules and controls and more.